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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Current Situation

The map below shows the world of Tiglath.


The campaign is set in the fourth age. In the first age, the gods created the races inhabiting the World of Tiglath. The rise of the Assimilator marks the second age. The Assimilator was a powerful wizard who ruled the world with his five followers called the Assimilated Ones. The third age started with the binding of the Assimilator and the Assimilated Ones.

The third age was a time of great prosperity and peace. The third age ended with the Cataclysm. The Cataclysm split the continent of Lippanit into the two continents Lipro and Pancar. The Cataclysm is a cause of the friction between the royal house of Greth and Marazzer. The constant friction between the royal houses of Greth and Marazzer marks the fourth age.


Every forty to fifty years Marazzer invades Greth. Fifty years ago, the forces of Greth defeated the Marazzer and killed the king of Marazzer on the battlefield.

For centuries, the Marazzer royal family persecuted the tribes inhabiting the central plain of Lipro. The tribes united as the Khanate of Marazzer. The Khanate stepped into the power vacuum left by the death of the king of Marazzer and took control.

For over forty years, the kingdom of Greth assumed the threat of the Marazzer was gone. They were wrong. The Khanate became powerful and ruthless. The kingdom of Greth realized the Khanate was about to invade. They attempted to mobilize. They drafted every able-bodied man and woman between the ages of eighteen and thirty.

The kingdom of Greth drafted the player characters in the campaign and sent them to the Peninsula of Pinge for training. Too late, the kingdom of Greth realized the strength and power of the forces of the Khanate of Marazzer. The kingdom of Greth decided to attempt to use extraordinary measures. They attempted to locate, free, and use one of the artifacts of the Assimilated Ones knowing this dangerous course could possibly free one of the terrible rulers.

The kingdom of Greth came unprepared to the battlefield. The Khanate of Marazzer defeated the forces of Greth. The Khanate did not take prisoners. They flayed all the survivors taking their skins as trophies.

The characters in the adventure survived because they never finished their training. By chance, they avoid the death of all their companions. Stranded in a land they do not know, they are attempting to reach the hut of Iroine, the leader of the resistance against the Marazzer.


The map below shows the village of Appary.

The party came to the village of Appary looking for information about Iroine. They found a detachment of Marazzer occupying the town. Fearing a werewolf, the party visited Chinyere, the Apothecary in Appary. Chinyere offered to pay for all the wolf's bane the party could collect. The party learned of the poisonous effect of wolf's bane.


A young man named Erskin approaches the party. He tries to convince the party to come to a meeting that night of the local resistance against the Marazzer. Later, the party receives a warning that Erskin may not be who he seems he is.

Death of the Marazzer

The party decides rid the town of Marazzer by holding a party and poisoning the Marazzer. They kill all the Marazzer.

Chinyere the Apothecary

The party learns Chinyere knows how to contact Iroine. She will only help the party if the party helps her. Chinyere is the Apothecary in Appary. She inherited the shop from Siminas. Unfortunately, Siminas did not give Chinyere all his recipes before he died. Siminas previously treated four of the villagers: Nani, Akil, Wilkes, and Thorsten. Each villager had a different affliction. Chinyere will provide a detailed map to the Hut of Iroine if the party specifies the affliction Siminas cured for each villager, what herb Siminas used, where to find the herb, and a sample of the herb. The cure for each affliction is a different rare herb. Each herb grows in a different location. Strox is the name of one of the afflictions. Hissing Barley is the name of one of the herbs. One of the locations is the Western Crag. Do not treat Blue Eye Chills with Blood Radish. Blood Radish does not grow in Crone's Bog. Crone's Bog is where the herb to treat Scarlet Flue grows.

The Marazzer Camp

After killing all the Marazzer, the party loots their tents. The find a receipt for one hundred gold pieces given to Erskin for information.

The party finds notes from a Marazzer solder named Carvel. When the forces landed in Greth, Carvel pillaged a mage's home. The mage was working on decoding an ancient map to a powerful artifact belonging to one of the Assimilated Ones. They map was made from five pieces of jewelry. The jewelry was only ornate copper with semi-precious stones. Carvel used the jewelry to try to seduce wives in the town of Appary. The pieces of jewelry all had a different number of semi-precious stones. The pieces of jewelry had from one to five semi-precious gemstone.

  • A necklace was one of the pieces of jewelry
  • Velda did not get the ring
  • Tanicha's piece of jewelry had one semi-precious gemstone less than the pendant
  • Parvani's piece of jewelry had exactly one semi-precious gemstone less than the amulet but exactly one more than the piece of jewelry with garnets
  • Fotina's piece of jewelry had only one semi-precious gemstone
  • The bracelet has two semi-precious gemstones
  • There are three agate semi-precious gemstones in one piece of jewelry
  • Channa's piece of jewelry has four semi-precious gemstones
  • There are five semi-precious onyx gemstones in one piece of jewelry
  • The piece of jewelry with opals has exactly two more semi-precious gemstones than the one with the amber semi-precious gemstones


The party approaches Nani, one of the women in the town of Appary in order to get information so they can get help from Chinyere in getting to Iroine. Nani says she will only help the party if they bring her one the flowers growing in Noelani's garden. Noelani is her neighbor.


Noelani will only help the party if they determine what is causing the noise in her basement. The party investigates Noelani's basement. They find an entrance to a large ant hive.


The party enters the ant hive. The ants are about one foot in length. The party kills the ants as they reach a large chamber. The party enters the tunnel to the right. The find a group of ants tending some eggs. Some of the ants attack the party. The remainder of the ants grab the eggs and retreat against wall. The party kills all the eggs with a spell. The ants attack. The party defeats the ants. The party retreats to the basement of Valen and Noelani to rest.

The next day the party continues the assault on the ant hive. They enter the second tunnel finding more ants and eggs. The party kills the ants. They notice a collar around the neck of one of the larger ants. The collar has the insignia is of a Greth infantry unit with name of Clem on a dog tag. Again, the party retreats to the basement of Valen and Noelani to rest.

The party returns to explore another tunnel. After killing more ants, they find the tunnel leads to the basement of another house. The party then attacks the ants in the upper part of the central chamber. After defeating the ants, the party discovers another ant with a collar. The collar has the name Sal on the dog tag. The collar also has a gold locket with some brunet hair inside. The party decides to retreat to Dead Eye's Moon Inn to ask the innkeeper, Sapphire, about the collars.


Someone is waiting in the inn for the party to return. A single Marazzer names Kostas is sitting at a table eating dinner as the party returns. Kostas is wearing skintight black leather. The leather is so black your eyes cannot focus on it. Kostas announces he was waiting for their return. Kostas places a small wooden box on the table. Inside the box is Erskin's head. Kostas says Erskin no longer has any value to the Marazzer. Kostas says the Marazzer know the party is responsible for the death of the solders. Since the death involved poison, the High Command sent Kostas to investigate. Kostas says the Marazzer will soon return because the party is too insignificant for his attention. Kostas then steps into the shadows and disappears.

The party decides to ask Sapphire about the collars then leave. They bring the collars out and show them to Sapphire. Suddenly, Kostas appears with a dagger at the throat of one of the party and asks about the collars. Kostas said the Marazzer knew a powerful wizard named Thaddea came to Appary. Thaddea was hiding under the name Judy and masquerading as a young girl. The Marazzer know the Greth army sent three soldiers named Clem, Sal, and Sander to help Thaddea in her research. Clem, Sal, and Sander are the names on the dog tags on the collars the party found on the ants. Kostas tells the party the Marazzer will leave the village and the party alone if they provide information about Thaddea's research. Kostas tells the party they have three days.

The Queen Ant

The party returns to the ant hive. They destroy the ants, the eggs, and the queen. They find the body of a woman. In the back of the chamber are a set of metal covered double doors.