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Friday, November 28, 2014

How Many Bodies Can You Stack in a Bedroom?

How many bodies can you stack into an eleven by fifteen foot room? In a scene reminiscent of the ending of a Few Dollars More, the party stacks the dead bodies resulting from last week’s adventure into a bedroom. They end up stacking the bodies four deep on the bed and floor. How long until a dead body smells? A lot depends on the temperature. The odor of the bodies could attract attention or some sort of carrion eater.

After stacking the bodies, the party returned down the stairs. They heard someone in authority dressing down a group of soldiers through the large window. The party opened the window. Melee began. The party managed to kill several more. One creature, managed to escape. What will the party do next?

Based on the graphic found here.

I have to give credit for the idea to this.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It Looks Friendly

I read an article about the Predatory Glow Worms in the Peruvian Amazon. Sounds like a fun variant of the Purple Worm. Only hope you never run into a horny adolescent giant radioactive carnivorous mutant predatory glowing worm or you could end up like a penguin being molested by a seal.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Playing with Your Food

Anyone who has read Dracula knows vampires play with their food. Then I saw the video of a seal sexual harassing a penguin. The seals often eat the penguin after they finish. This could explain the presence of half-trolls. Occasionally, the female escapes rather instead of the troll consuming the victim. If the troll captures a male, well just like the poor penguin, the troll may decide to play with its food.

The next time the party of adventurers run into a large creature, they should fear the creature might want to play with its food.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Whisky a Go Go is the name of a famous nightclub. I am going to call the last adventure, “Poison a Go Go”. It started with an adult theme. The sorceress decided to “take one for the team”. Then the half-orc came to the rescue. A few rounds later, the proprietor of the Rat Whole was lying on the floor, dead.

The party found trays of roasted rats and spiders in the kitchen. In a storeroom was a staircase going down leading to a room resembling the back of a restaurant. A door led to a smaller room with a half-height counter with a fold up window. The glass in the window was translucent. The party saw figures moving on the other side of the window.

The light from the back room was visible through the glass. One of the figures approached the window, knocked, and asked, “Are you open yet? I’m hungry.” The cleric folded up the window and the greyish creature asked, “Where’s Ragnol?” The cleric told a story the proprietor was away seeing family. Some of the party ran up the stairs to get the trays of prepared food.

In a previous adventure, the party received a duffel bag full of Tharl. Tharl is an herb. Tharl has two side effects. First, Tharl provides a limited water-breathing capability. Second, Tharl has a narcotic effect giving the user a sense of euphoria. Tharl is addictive. In yet another adventure, the party harvested a large quantity of belladonna, the queen of poisons. The party “seasoned” the trays of roasted rats and spiders with a combination of Tharl and belladonna.

The party managed to poison seventeen doppelgangers before one was able to shout out a warning. The eighteenth doppelganger died from the poison as two guards arrived. The party dispatched the two guards. The adventure ended as the party hid the dead bodies.

Although Rat on a Stick did not have any Go Go dancers, it was a popping place for a while.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Fate Worse Than Death?

An attractive Elf Sorceress walks into a tavern named The Rat Whole. After bravely running away from some Trolls, the party tries to find an alternative entrance to the dungeon. Along the way, they see a large building. The sign in front of the building says, “The Rat Whole”. The sorceress walks in, unaccompanied, to check it out. A mature man suffering from osteoporosis greets the attractive elf inviting her to sit and have a mug of eggnog made with fresh spider eggs and rat milk. The proprietor says he is a lonely. He says he appreciates the company of an attractive elf and knows how to treat a lady right.

The elf has a brief conversation then leaves the tavern. The party learned the owner of the Rat Whole prepares food for the inhabitants of the dungeon. The party decides the sorceress will attempt to sneak in the back while the rest of the party distracts the tavern owner by rambunctious activities in the front of the tavern.

The sorceress enters through a window into a storage room. Connected to the storage room are a bedroom and the kitchen. The sorceress attempts to move some large crates in the storage room. She fails a stealth check. The proprietor of The Rat Whole notices a sound coming from the back of the building. The rest of the party fails to keep the proprietor from leaving. The proprietor discovers the sorceress in the storeroom. The proprietor shouts, “Thief!”

The sorceress tells the proprietor she wanted to take him up on his offer to “treat a lady right”. She says she entered through the window to avoid attention. The proprietor invites the attractive elf into the bedroom and closes the door behind her.

So ends last week’s adventure.

I found the basis for the picture here.

Video of last week's adventure

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Troll Box

Years ago, I started keeping a journal of ideas for the adventures I run. These ideas are the source of wild adventures. One line in my journal of ideas read, "Puzzle box that may or may not summon 'things'". Clive Barker created a fictional puzzle box called Lemarchand's box. I added the line to my journal of ideas after seeing the first Hellraiser movie.

I based the puzzle box in my campaign on thoughts about the Mirror of Life Trapping. The Mirror of Life Trapping captures anything looking into the mirror. The only way to get out of a Mirror of Life Trapping is to fill it with creatures or to break the mirror. The puzzle box in my campaign is more like Lemarchand's box. If you interact with the box, it will release one of the creatures it contains instead of summoning the Cenobites. The party has not yet found out how creatures get into the box.

A group of toy soldiers introduced the party to the Troll Box. The party accidentally activated a group of toy soldiers. The party then retreated out of the room, closing the door. The toy soldiers were too small to open the door. The sorceress got down on the floor and threw burning spray spells into the room with the toy soldiers through the gap between the door and the floor. The toy soldiers responded by carefully taking the Troll Box out of its container and sitting it on the floor. The next time the sorceress cast a spell it activated the box releasing a troll. The troll had no difficulty opening the door.

During the melee with the troll, someone kicked the box down the hallway. This released yet another troll. When I created the troll box, I did not realize I created the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. In the most recent adventure, a character in the party grabbed a Troll Box and tried to make a three rail kick shot. He almost succeeded. The box only released two trolls. After that, the party bravely ran away.