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Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Fate Worse Than Death?

An attractive Elf Sorceress walks into a tavern named The Rat Whole. After bravely running away from some Trolls, the party tries to find an alternative entrance to the dungeon. Along the way, they see a large building. The sign in front of the building says, “The Rat Whole”. The sorceress walks in, unaccompanied, to check it out. A mature man suffering from osteoporosis greets the attractive elf inviting her to sit and have a mug of eggnog made with fresh spider eggs and rat milk. The proprietor says he is a lonely. He says he appreciates the company of an attractive elf and knows how to treat a lady right.

The elf has a brief conversation then leaves the tavern. The party learned the owner of the Rat Whole prepares food for the inhabitants of the dungeon. The party decides the sorceress will attempt to sneak in the back while the rest of the party distracts the tavern owner by rambunctious activities in the front of the tavern.

The sorceress enters through a window into a storage room. Connected to the storage room are a bedroom and the kitchen. The sorceress attempts to move some large crates in the storage room. She fails a stealth check. The proprietor of The Rat Whole notices a sound coming from the back of the building. The rest of the party fails to keep the proprietor from leaving. The proprietor discovers the sorceress in the storeroom. The proprietor shouts, “Thief!”

The sorceress tells the proprietor she wanted to take him up on his offer to “treat a lady right”. She says she entered through the window to avoid attention. The proprietor invites the attractive elf into the bedroom and closes the door behind her.

So ends last week’s adventure.

I found the basis for the picture here.

Video of last week's adventure