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The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Whisky a Go Go is the name of a famous nightclub. I am going to call the last adventure, “Poison a Go Go”. It started with an adult theme. The sorceress decided to “take one for the team”. Then the half-orc came to the rescue. A few rounds later, the proprietor of the Rat Whole was lying on the floor, dead.

The party found trays of roasted rats and spiders in the kitchen. In a storeroom was a staircase going down leading to a room resembling the back of a restaurant. A door led to a smaller room with a half-height counter with a fold up window. The glass in the window was translucent. The party saw figures moving on the other side of the window.

The light from the back room was visible through the glass. One of the figures approached the window, knocked, and asked, “Are you open yet? I’m hungry.” The cleric folded up the window and the greyish creature asked, “Where’s Ragnol?” The cleric told a story the proprietor was away seeing family. Some of the party ran up the stairs to get the trays of prepared food.

In a previous adventure, the party received a duffel bag full of Tharl. Tharl is an herb. Tharl has two side effects. First, Tharl provides a limited water-breathing capability. Second, Tharl has a narcotic effect giving the user a sense of euphoria. Tharl is addictive. In yet another adventure, the party harvested a large quantity of belladonna, the queen of poisons. The party “seasoned” the trays of roasted rats and spiders with a combination of Tharl and belladonna.

The party managed to poison seventeen doppelgangers before one was able to shout out a warning. The eighteenth doppelganger died from the poison as two guards arrived. The party dispatched the two guards. The adventure ended as the party hid the dead bodies.

Although Rat on a Stick did not have any Go Go dancers, it was a popping place for a while.