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The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cursed Sword of Zahair

Zahair rode his mighty steed into the small town. Why would a master sword smith live in a dump like this? He was about to turn around and go back to civilization when he saw her. Her flaxen hair sparkled in the light as the gathered cuttings from the herb garden. Zahair thought maybe this dump was not so bad after all as the young vixen headed into the inn.

Zahair tied his horse up and entered the inn his quest for a new sword almost forgotten. The beer was sour and the food mediocre but flavor full due to the fresh herbs. Zahair rented a room for a week. The inn keeper was grateful for the business, but wary of the way the tall, handsome warrior eyed his young daughter, Alicia.

Zahair learned from the inn keeper that Nelo, a master sword smith, lived a few houses south of the inn. As Alicia cleared his dishes he whispered, "Meet me in my room tonight." Flattered but frightened the young maiden whispered, "No!" Almost running she fled into the kitchen with the dishes.

The next morning, Zahair walked into the sword smith’s shop. Zahair explained to the master he wanted a new magical sword. He wanted an elaborate long sword with gold filigree encrusted with jewels engraved with runes of power. The negotiation between Zahair and Nelo extended throughout the day. As the sun set, the two came to an agreement. Nelo said it would take two weeks to complete the sword. Zahair paid Nelo and provided the gold and jewels for the sword.

Drinking the sour beer Zahair plotted his seduction of the young maid, Alicia. The small town had little to hold the interest of the worldly Zahair except for prospect of seducing a young maiden. Over the days that followed Zahair used his days romancing Alicia. Zahair became the town entertainer as he told exorbitant stories of his exploits. Zahair watched Alicia fascination with his tales of adventure. Each night he whispered to Alicia, "Meet me tonight." Each time Alicia whispered back "No". But her protests became less and less emphatic. Finally Alicia gave in to the hansom warrior.

Nelo noticed the attention Zahair was giving Alicia. He naively thought Zahair would make a good husband for Alicia though he was worried about the tall tales Zahair was spinning. As Nelo finished casting the sword a crying Alicia entered his shop. She told her friend after spending several nights in Zahair’s bed, he was now bored with her and looking forward to the day when he would get his sword and leave this boring town.

Nelo comforted the distraught young woman. He assured her that Zahair would pay for his sins. Nelo used his skills to add filigree using a combination of copper and silver instead of gold. He encrusted the sword with semi-precious stones and glass. Using all his powers he engraved powerful runes the sword. The runes said, "Liars believe their own lies". The cursed sword made anyone who wielded it become obsessed with keeping the sword. The sword empowered the owner to spin fanciful tales of high adventure which the owner completely believed. The person wielding the sword becomes oblivious to their wounds until they are almost dead but the person will do everything in their power to keep the sword.

With great fanfare Nelo presented the cursed sword to Zahair who graciously accepted it. The spells enthralled the handsome warrior. Zahair loved his new sword. As Zahair sheathed the cursed sword Nelo asked, "Do you love Alicia?" Zahair replied, "She was fun for a couple of days. Love? She is just a stupid small town girl. What is there to love?" Zahair smiled and said, "I hope you enjoy your new sword. By the way, did you know there is a nearby ruin recently overrun by goblins?" Zahair’s smiled, "The perfect place to try out my new sword." Zahair smiled as the handsome young warrior rode off to his doom.