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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Queen of Poisons

According to Wikipedia, Wolf's Bane or Aconitum, is also known as "the queen of poisons". Wikipedia goes on to say, "with large doses death is almost instantaneous." In the last adventure, the party used the Queen of Poisons to take out the forces of Marazzer encamped near Appary.

The party is looking for a way to the Hut of Iroine. They heard Iroine is leading a resistance against the Marazzer. The Marazzer in Appary were slowly disappearing in the middle of the night. The Marazzer suspected some sort of large cat. The party suspected a werewolf was responsible.

The party determined it was not a werewolf but some other form of lycanthrope, probably a weretiger. The party purchased a large quantity of catnip from the Little Shop of Flowers run by Chinyere. Chinyere was out of wolf's bane. The Marazzer had purchased all she had. Chinyere offered the party three gold pieces for each bunch of wolf's bane they could gather. Chinyere warned the party of the danger of wolf's bane.

Erskin, a sixteen-year-old native of Appary, approached the part asking if they knew a way to get rid of the Marazzer. He told the party about a meeting at Green Door Woodworking to discuss getting rid of the Marazzer.

The party headed off to gather wolf's bane. They found a body near the grove of wolf's bane. The person was dead from some sort of insect or spider bite. They party started gathering wolf's bane. A group of spiders the size of dinner plates attached the party. The battle with the spiders turned out to be difficult. In part because the microphone of the person with the highest-level character was muted. Again, a small band of first level monsters nearly killed the party. The party recovered and collected a large number of bunches of wolf's bane.

The party came up with a plan to use the wolf's bane to kill the Marazzer. They purchased two barrels of ale from Mansur, also known as Dead Eye because of the damage to one of his eyes by a weretiger.

Sapphire, the Inn Keeper, expressed her doubts about the plan. The party convinced Sapphire they would protect her. Sapphire warned the party Erskin may not be telling the truth about the meeting to get rid of the Marazzer. Sapphire led the party to Osmin, who she suspected was the weretiger killing the Marazzer. After some negotiation, Osmin agreed to attack the Marazzer camp later that night when he received a signal from the party.

The party spiked one of the barrels of ale with wolf's bane. While the bard entertained the Marazzer troops, the party plied them with ale. After the second serving of ale, the party switched the barrel to the poisoned one. Of the seventeen Marazzer troops watching the entertainment, fourteen did not notice the poison until they fell over dead. The Queen of Death caused almost instantaneous death. Three noticed the poison and attacked. The party dispatched them. Osmin, the weretiger, dispatched the other guards.