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The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Locked Door

This is a quick overview of the party's current situation.

The Marazzer invaded the country of Greth. The Marazzer slaughtered the army of Greth on the Plains of Lethe. The party avoided the slaughter by the Marazzer because they were still going through basic training. Iroine is a witch leading a rebellion against the Marazzer. The party wants to reach the hut of Iroine.

Iroine lives in a swamp. Few ever survive entering the swamp. Fewer still ever make it to the hut of Iroine. Most get lost in the swamp and die. The party came to the village of Appary looking for a way to reach the hut of Iroine. A platoon of Marazzer soldiers occupied Appary. The party poisoned the Marazzer killing the soldiers.

Chinyere is the Apothecary in Appary. Chinyere knows a way to get to the hut of Iroine. She will only provide the instructions if the party solves a puzzle.

In order to solve the puzzle the party needed to get a flower from the garden of Noelani. Noelani said she would give the party one of her Night Blooming Witches Blood flowers if they investigate the sounds coming from down in a storage room in her basement.

The party investigates the storage room and finds an ant tunnel. The ant are about one foot long in size. The party kills several ants, then retreat to heal and rest. The party tells Noelani about the ants. They say they will get rid of the ants but recommend that Noelani lock the door to the storage closet behind them.

The party ventures back down into the ant hive. They kill several ants. The worker ants grab the eggs and retreat into an alcove. The worker ants form a line of defense to protect the eggs. The sorceress casts a Burning Spray spell killing all the ant eggs. The worker ants go insane and attack the party. The party retreats up into the storage closet. Noelani locked the door to the storage closet as the party suggested. The worker ants are in hot pursuit of the evil monsters that killed all their eggs.