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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Itsy-bitsy Spider Climbed up the Wolf's Bane Stalk

In the last adventure, the party managed to poison sixteen Marazzer soldiers and their leader. The party then piled all the dead bodies into their cart. The image is reminiscent of the scene in "For a Few Dollars More". The party decided to hide the bodies at Wolf's Bane Bottom, where they found the wolf's bane and killed spiders the last time.

Although the party headed out in the middle of the night, for some reason, they figured there was no danger from the spiders. They were wrong. After a long battle, the party killed a dozen Hatchling Deathjump Spider. The spider are about ten inches across. The spiders are not the huge Skyrim style spiders.

After killing the spiders, the party placed the dead soldiers around the nearly empty keg of ale. They posed the soldiers to look as if they were partying and died from an attack of the spiders. The party then gathered up the dead body of the adventurer they found in the last adventure.

They arrived at the Dead Eye's Moon Inn waking Sapphire, the innkeeper. Sapphire identified the dead adventurer as Kaenan, a down-on-his-luck farmer that lived next door to the inn. The party left the dead body of Kaenan in their cart.

Imagine the shock of Sita, Kaenan widow, waking up to a huge, ugly, half-orc pounding on her door. The half-orc then announced Kaenan was dead from spider bites. Sita's screams of terror and loss woke the sleeping town. The party managed to convince Sita and the town they were not the source of Keanan's death.

The party announced that they had freed the town from the Marazzer. The town met this with some skepticism. Then the party started searching the tents of the dead Marazzer.

The party searched the tent of Ahmad, the lieutenant of the Marazeer force in Appary, finding gold and some records on clay tablets. One of the tablets described the death of Carmit, a priest of the Sanctuary of Innocence. They found priest's body in the torture chamber used to test initiates into the priesthood. The record warned to be on the lookout anyone with an Efreet, since a death in the sanctuary would bind an Efreet to someone's control.

The party found three tablets documenting the finding of headless bodies. The first tablet described nine bodies, three of them Marazzer soldiers, missing their heads. Something cleanly removed the heads without spilling any blood. Nothing else was missing. The second tablet listed two more headless bodies. The third tablet listed another four headless bodies, making a total of fifteen. The Marazzer were concerned the forced of Greth somehow unleashed something when they were preparing for their ill-fated defense against the invasion by the Marazzer.

In going through the records, the party found a receipt for one-hundred gold paid to Erskin for information.