The Evil DM

The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Saturday, November 30, 2013

An Encounter with a Crime Scene Investigator

Pilar pondered the missive concerning the two bodies found missing their heads. The details matched the current situation. The body without a head. No blood. No signs of struggle. Nothing out of place or missing, except for the head.

Amron, a local merchant, found the body. He was visiting Lotorga to buy some herbs. Pilar thought to himself, “Herbs, I bet I know what kind of herbs he wanted.” Lotorga was a local druid specializing in providing the locals with their herbs of choice. The questioning of Amron provided nothing.

Someone or something took Lotorga’s head. Pilar knew the odds pointed to someone outside the community. The community would not have put up with a headhunter or worse. Now it was Pilar’s problem.
Pilar knew there were around a dozen small farms between here and Lotorga’s tent. There were another dozen farms between Lotorga’s tent and the crossroads. It was going to be a long day.

Questioning each farmer provided no new clues. Lotorga’s head did not just up and walk away, unless something weird was at work. Pilar was tired and cold. It was dark. Up ahead he could see a campfire. He told the troops to wait while he approached the fire.

Pilar asked, “Mind if I warm myself by your fire?” He looked over the group. A rather odd collection. The dwarf stood out. He was wearing full plate armor and carrying a large axe. An axe like that could easily cut off a head. Pilar asked, “Ever cut off any heads with that axe?”

The response shocked Pilar. A normal person would say, “Of course not, the axe is for defense only.” Only a fool would boast to a constable about the number of heads they cut off. Well the dwarf appeared to be a fool, telling how he had cut many heads off. “Why did you cut Lotorga’s head off?” Instead of saying, he did not, the dwarf replied, “I didn’t know their names.”

Fortunately, Seglia arrived. He sent the group off to the Sanctuary of Innocence. Pilar thought, innocent my eye. They are about as innocent as a fox in a hen house.