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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Theogony of Tiglath

The Theogony of Tiglath

Thepeh the God of the Void sprang into being from nothingness.

Origin of the Elemental Gods

Thepeh being both male and female mated with itself and brought forth the five elemental gods.
  • Tabon the goddess of Air
  • Dokic the goddess of Fire
  • Runan the goddess of Earth
  • Honici the goddess of Water
  • Cutal the god of Aether

Tabon the goddess of Air

Since the wind blows in all directions, Tabon is associated with all the cardinal directions. Her temples are always cylindrical to reduce the air resistance. She is a well-endowed female with emerald green eyes and long, flowing blue hair. Her worshipers gather the blowing leaves of autumn as a sacrifice. During the spring and winter worshipers rip the heads and wings off of small birds as a sacrifice. Tabon is represented by the Queen piece in Teneth.

Dokic the goddess of Fire

Dokic is the goddess of fire and smithing. Her name means "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land". She is a squat, red-skinned woman with purple eyes and short gray hair. She wears crystalline armor made of ruby. Her worshipers strive for a fine reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and functionality. Worshipers sacrifice sheep, goats, and cattle. The worshippers keep that meat for themselves and burn the bones wrapped in fat as an offering. Dokic is represented by the Bishop piece in Teneth.

Runan the goddess of Earth

Runan is the supernatural force of Earth. She is associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, and trickery. She is a dark-skinned woman with yellow eyes. She wears a set of armor made of gold. Runan punishes oath-breakers. She feasts on the buried. Runan is represented by the Rook piece in Teneth.

Honici the goddess of Water

She is the goddess of water, rivers, seas, streams, storms, baptism, and midwifes. Her name means literally means "she of the jade colored skirt". She appears as a blue skinned woman with dark blue hair and eyes wearing an ornate green or jade colored skirt. She always carries a trident. After cutting the umbilical cord, the midwife would wash the new baby with customary greeting to the goddess Honici. Four days after the birth, the child was given a second bath and a name. She is known for her carefree nature and generosity. Worshippers generously give to all beggars. Honici is represented by the Knight piece in Teneth.

Cutal the god of Aether

He is the life-spark of all creatures and is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. Aether is responsible for all terrestrial creatures. Cutal masturbated and from his seed sprang humans, elves, dwarves, and all the other races. He always wears a blue toga and a blue pointy hat. He carries an ivory staff. Cutal is represented by the King piece in Teneth.

Destruction of the Void

The five elemental gods were appalled at the ugliness of their parent. The five conspired to destroy Thepeh rather than allow the birth of any more gods. While Thepeh was busy in a masturbatory self-impregnation the elemental gods used their power to rip their parent apart. Each of the elemental gods then consumed a portion of their father/mother. In the frenzy the elemental gods overlooked three pieces of their mother/father. From those pieces grew the gods of Death, Hate, and Vermin.

The Hidden Gods

Prior to birthing the five elemental gods, Thepeh gave birth to at least two offspring. For unknown reasons, Thepeh banished the first generation of gods. Cymag, one of the first generation gods, managed to escape from banishment after the destruction of Thepeh. No one knows the fate of the other first generation gods.

Cymag the god of Chaos

The evil emotions of every living being sustains Cymag. He is monomaniacal and completely single-minded in seeking the destruction of the elemental gods. Cymag has the body of a cobra with a leach like head. Surrounding his mouth are long tentacles.

The Spawned Gods

The elemental gods, Tabon, Dokic, Runan, Honici, and Cutal, ripped their parent Thepeh apart and devoured it. The fragments of Thepeh grew into the gods of Death, Hate, and Vermin.

Sytizi the god of Death

Sytizi is responsible for sickness in the world. He requires sacrifices of skulls. He catches dead bodies and takes them away to this lower world and then makes them his slaves. Any person who has ill-treated their parents, ascetics, holy persons, or elders appears before Sytizi for judgment. Sytizi makes drinking cups from the skulls of the unworthy which he uses to drink their blood. He appears as a skeleton in bone armor wielding two swords.

Lamuwa the goddess of Hate

She is hate, strife, and discord personified. Lamuwa stands on the center of beached vessels or battlefields and screams! The screams harden the hearts of the soldiers removing any thought of mercy. They no longer remember their fathers or their wives and children with the screams of Lamuwa ringing in their ears. Some describe her as “Strife insatiable.” Her anger is never satisfied. Lamuwa looks like a large humanoid bird.

Hysex the goddess of Vermin

Hysex controls the vermin in the world, rodents, insects, snakes, and creeping things. She has a grey reptilian body with goat like legs and the face of an insect. She carries a huge sword.