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The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sale of the Captives

Sale of the Captives

Thapent asks, "Where did these come from?"

Bompide says, "They barged into an initiation and killed one of my men."

Thapent looks over the tiefling and dwarf and says, "She lost her tail. Hmm, didn'’t we hear the Marazzer had a reward for a tiefling without a tail?"

Bompide replied, "It was something like a thousand gold."

Thapent thinks for a minute and says, "You can always buy other subjects. Sell them to the Marazzer."

Bompide asks, "She might not make the trip."

Thapent says, "Well heal them first. Convince the Marazzer to pay you for the cost of bringing them in all healed."

Bompide asks, "What about her tail?"

Thapent says, "If the Marazzer don’t kill her it will eventually grow back. But don’t heal her tail. That is how they will recognize her."

Bompide asks, "Put the dead bodies in the barrels?"

Thapent says, "Of course, we need to replace the barrel they stole."