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The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Time has not been kind to Grand Master Kibbe

Greetings Alessa,

As you know, Grand Master Kibbe retired from adventuring forty years ago to run the monastery north of Broficult. Grand Master Kibbe became a great asset as he installed discipline and intensive training at the monastery.

Unfortunately, time has not been kind to Grand Master Kibbe. Thirty years ago, the grand master started to lose his sight. Though blind, the grand master was able to continue his duties and the monastery continued to prosper. Some even said the loss of his sight made Kibbe a better monk.

Twenty years ago, Grand Master Kibbe's sense of hearing started to fade. Though aged, blind and deaf, the grand master continued to train initiates. Some attributed his keen sense of smell with his ability to defeat anyone who challenged his abilities or leadership.

About ten years ago, Grand Master Kibbe's sense of smell started to fade. He complained about the taste of his food and demanded spicier and spicier dishes. Preparing his evening meal became dangerous to the initiates, as the food was so spicy a single drop on the skin could cause a blister. Eventually, Grand Master Kibbe stopped demanding spicier food. He instead pummeled anyone who brought a dish that did not blister the tongue. A year ago, a novice made the mistake of taking the wrong dish to Grand Master Kibbe. Instead of the fiery bowl, the novice took the master a bowl of food without any seasoning at all. Grand Master Kibbe ate the bowl without complaint. We realized he finally lost his sense of smell and taste. The initiates were grateful they no longer needed extraordinary measures to protect themselves from the piquant meals they prepared for the grand master.

Recently Grand Master Kibbe's health took an unfortunate direction. Some say the years of spicy abuse are responsible. Other say Kibbe's extreme age is the cause. No matter the reason, Kibbe recently lost the control of his bowels. Because he is blind, deaf, and has no sense of smell, Kibbe is oblivious to the problem. His gaseous expulsions cause temporary blindness and burn the eyes, nose, and throat. Grand Master Kibbe does not notice his bowels leak noxious fluid as he walks the corridors and courtyards of the Monastery.

The initiates fled the fetid monastery. No one wants to scrub the floors to remove the malodorous droppings of the Grand Master. For the good of the monastery, the Order decided it is time for Grand Master Kibbe to continue on his journey. We ask you to help Grand Master Kibbe on his way.


Grand Master Rabin