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The Evil DM
The Evil DM

Saturday, February 9, 2013

First Adventure

Rough Introduction

A few weeks ago a chariot came into town announcing was invading once again. The King Ander proclaimed an order all the young and able-bodied assemble for training. You said goodbye to your parents and marched off to boot camp.

You never made it to boot camp. Your trainers were frantic and terrified. The armies of Marazzer had taken the capital and killed King Ander.

You were marched off to a training camp in the middle of the night. The next day you were ordered to stand guard and watch the north and eastern trails into the camp. Another group was to watch the western trail.

You were very tired after the long march. Despite your best efforts you fell to sleep early in the morning. No one came to relive you at dawn like they said they would. You stayed at your post until noon. You had not had dinner the night before. Your wine-skin was now empty. You were hungry, thirty, and tired. You slowly walked back to the clearing.

The characters wandered back to a scene of destruction. Everyone in the camp was killed. There were signs of large beasts in the camp leaving large circular footprints. The party gathers up some equipment and follows the large circular tracks heading west toward the shore. They notice a trail of blood mixed with the tracks.

As they follow the track the party comes upon the carcass of large, dead animal. They later learn the beast is called a Tronlth. Tronlth are large four legged animals that look like a cross between a rhinoceros and a triceratops. Tronlth have a large bony frill and three horns on a four-legged body. Tronlth are warm blooded mammals. In addition to the horns they have a set of small spines along the back. An adult Tronlth stands about five feet tall, 60”. The Tronlth had been speared and cut deeply along its side leaving the blood trail.

The party sees a small boy playing on the shore. They hail the boy. The boy runs away to the north. The party scampers after the boy and finally catch him. The boy is terrified and describes how his father was killed by the bad men. The bad men had their big monster with horns step on the boy’s father. The party tries to comfort the small boy.

A member of the party lights a torch and goes out into the water to see if he can catch some fish for dinner. He encounters something dark in the water but it swims away.

The torch attracts the attention of a patrol boat. The patrol boat lands two squads. Each squad has six men and a Tronlth. The party attacks the first squad and kills two men. The Tronlth has a pair of side-car baskets where a rider can stand. The leader of the first squad puts the character party to sleep.

That was the end of the first adventure.